Homelessness in Canada:

200,000: The number of people in Canada who are homeless annually.

$7-billion: The annual cost of homelessness in Canada in health care, justice costs and social-service use.

67: The percentage of people who are homeless with a history of mental illness.

$600-million: Ottawa’s five-year investment in Housing First projects starting in 2014.

55: The percentage of homeless people who had visited an emergency room or been hospitalized in the past year (2010 Health and Housing in Transition Study).

43: The percentage of long-term psychiatric patients in hospital for 90 days or more, receiving alternative levels of care, who were readmitted within 30 days.

$2,500: The additional cost of a hospital stay for a homeless person compared with an average patient (2011 study at St. Michael’s Hospital).

4.8: The average number of years, in their lifetime, that a participant in the Housing First trial had been homeless.

40: The percentage of participants in the trial who reported having their first episode of homelessness before age 25.

73: The percentage of time Housing First participants spent in stable housing over two years.

32: The percentage of time spent in stable housing by a control group.

$19,582: The annual cost of the Housing First initiative for the most severely mentally ill clients with the highest needs.

$42,536: The annual costs saved in services that otherwise would have been used.

225,000: The annual cost to the system, per person, for homeless people who are the highest users of social, justice and health-care services.

$2: The amount saved through Housing First for every $1 spent on these clients.

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